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Success Story

 Henry* came to our shelter after a series of struggles that landed him not only without family willing to take him in, but without a job, car or even clothes other than the ones on his back.  A short stay in jail had left him with little hope to go with those struggles. 

Used to being successful and self sufficient, his pride had taken a vicious beating on the journey that landed him on our doorstep. 

Coming into a shelter had been a last resort, but it would change his life in ways he couldn’t dream of. 

The first week of his stay, he met with the social worker, was given changes of clothing and other necessities, and was going on job interviews.  Within two weeks of his stay, he had found not one—but two– job s and was starting to save up his money.  His confidence was returning and a smile could be found on his face.  Three months after entering our shelter, Henry was moving into his own apartment and was once again leading a productive life of which he could be proud. 

Henry checks in with us on a regular basis and continues to thank God for the donations from our community that allowed him to get back on his feet.

*Name and image changed to protect client confidentiality

About Our Shelter


The Salvation Army Men’s Emergency Shelter is  an integral step for men in this community on their journey back to being productive members of our society.

Located in the downtown area, men can come to the shelter and find a clean bed, warm meals, safe shelter and access to other services like clothing and referrals. 

Many of the men we serve have lived otherwise productive lives and through loss of jobs, injuries, family upheaval or other unfortunate circumstances have found themselves with no one else but The Salvation Army.

Men are given an initial seven day stay that is then extended based on behavior and willingness to look for employment.  Once a position is found by a resident, The Salvation Army works with him towards saving enough money to get an apartment and then assists him with the necessities for moving on.

Client confidentiality is a priority for our staff and all men are treated with respect and given encouragement!


If you want to help us serve the homeless men in our community, find ways here!







October 2010—September 2011

Men served—228

Beds slept in—1,687

Meals fed—2,747

Clothing items given—7,076

Furniture items given—71

Cost of running shelter—




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