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With our food pantry running low and the reduction in federal food stamps benefits, your support today is crucial to meeting the growing need in our community. Please give generously to reach hungry children and families with food staples like bread, beans and vegetables.


Success Story: Salvation Army Athens Provides Safe Place for Life Transition

Mary came to The Salvation Army Athens after her sister had severe health needs began to require additional support. Because she wanted to be able to help her sister, she relocated to the Athens shelter to start over.

During her time with The Salvation Army, she sought out counseling with Advantage Behavioral Health Systems. This was the first time Mary was able to find support and talk about challenges that she had faced and overcome in the past few years.She also began to save money, allowing herself to have a savings once she moved into a new place. Advantage Behavioral Health systems will stably house her, and she will be able to maintain her unit while working with them long term.

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