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Success Stories Archives
April 25, 2012
Geneva came to us struggling with an alcohol addiction.  She lost employment and suffers from some Mental Health issues in addition to her addiction.  While she stayed here, the first time, she went to Advantage's 28 day program and graduated.  Then after that program, she called me back because of the situation she was still in without employment or income.  She stayed here the full 90 days the second time but she was a world of difference.  She wasn't clouded by her addiction.  She was working well with outpatient support classes at Advantage and is waiting on employment through Vocational Rehab.  She was also eligible for a long term housing program called the Georgia Housing Voucher Program and transitioned into stable supportive housing.  Geneva's faithfulness and persistence with the wait that she's had to endure has proved to help her in the long run.
March 13, 2012
A couple came to us from living in a hotel.  They have been in and out of every program here in Athens, GA and have almost used up their opportunity for assistance.  The Salvation Army was a last resort for them as her work hours got low.  He finally got a new job and she has stayed compiant with her MH treatment before they left.  They got approved for an apartment with the Housing Authority and live there within their means.  She called our caseworker a few days ago just to update our caseworker on how they are doing.  She informed our caseworker of her own job search while they are now stable and that everything is still going well.  She also has started counseling with her mother in order for her to sort out some of their past and maintain a helthy focus on their own.  She told our caseworker over the phone that she hopes that other clients at The Salvation Army realize the gifts we try to provide.  She was thankful of the tools that we informed her or and the accountability we provided as she accomplished her goals using those tools.  It worked for her and she hopes it can work for others!
February 15, 2012
One of our clients had many barrers to getting a job: mental health issues, addiction history, felony, and a 3 year old son.  However, she was able to attain a job through TANF and hopefully will get hired on with that job fully.  Her son is doing welll in school.  Our client is incredibly excited because she is now planning on moving on to even more exciting things in her life: marriage.  Her fiance and her have been working together with their pastor and are getting help with marriage counseling.  They are waiting on documentation but plan to get married sometime this month.  Our caseworker is incredibly excited for them and grateful to walk along side someone who has worked so hard to overcome the barriers she faces every day.
December 6, 2011
Happy to announce that during the month of November, 13 clients moved into stable living conditions from our Emergency Shelter.  Of the 13 that moved into stable living conditions, 9 moved into an apartment.  God continues to do amazing things through His people.


November 7, 2011
Shelter Resident Success Story 1
One of our ladies relocated here from Ohio because she was fleeing a bad situation.  She obtained employment quickly after her arrical and then started looking for housing soon after.  Habitat for Humanity decided she was a qualified candidate for their apartment program that eventually moves individuals into homeownership if they desire.  Our client was so ecstatic she called our caseworker immediately after it was approved.  We helped with some household items, a couple of other residents helped her move in, and a friend donated sofas and a dinigin room set for her!  She is all set and is maintaining her current job.
Shelter Resident Success Story 2
Another client of ours was receiving SSI and received a housing voucher through the HUD VASH program with the VA (section 8 housing vouchers). We helped him with a sofa and some other houshold items.  The next day he came back to the shelter and provided everyone in the shelter with a sausage biscuit to give back a little bit.
October 7, 2011
"I (our caseworker) met with a client this week who has been avid with job searches week after week and has been down on her luck. She has had store owners ask her to leave and been treated unfairly by some individuals. The same day that she had some of these experiences, two students, young adults, helped her with directions and asked how she was going to get there. She shared with them about her homelessness and her lack of transportation and out of the kindness of their hearts, they took her to where she needed to go. Not only did they extend that help, they ministered to her by stating 'Do you know how much of a blessing you are?' She said 'I am blessed because of your help.' One of the girls replied back and said, 'no, you have blessed us because of your presence and your willingness to share your story with us.' Taken aback by this response, the lady was speechless. Then the girl replied again 'Do you know you are beautiful? You are a beautiful child of God and we are very glad to have met you today, can we pray with you?' This was such a highlight to the client's day, and hopefully will be a moment that brightens her up every time she remembers it. The faithfulness of God's love through His followers can be such an encouraging and testimonial truth. Amen"


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